50 PROOF is a 4-piece Classic Rock and Acoustic Band based in beautiful Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Members are Reid Masson (Lead Vocals, Bass); Shawn Hayley (Lead Guitar); Thaila Riden (Drums, Vocals) and Gilles Lemieux (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals). The group performs throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec at festivals, parties, fundraisers and numerous other events. The Electric version of 50 PROOF specializes in straight ahead Classic Rock music, playing favorites from the 1960s through to today. The group also plays as a 4, 3, or 2 piece Acoustic group, performing classic Coffeehouse style favorites as well as acoustic versions of Classic Rock songs.

  First formed in the Spring of 2013, 50 PROOF has played at literally hundreds of festivals, public events, backyard parties and clubs over the past 5 years. The band is always available to play wherever there is a good time to be had, whether as a full 4-pce, trio or duo in both electric and acoustic formats.

  The group rehearses at The Grand Barn in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, in a spectacular vintage setting. With a full stage and equipment built and installed for a popular 1980s progressive rock band, The Grand Barn - with it's 25-foot high ceiling and absolutely massive floor space - is a great spot for 50 PROOF members to practice their Classic Rock chops.

  50 PROOF has played at numerous events throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, including the Vankleek HIll Fair, Vankleek Hill's Porchfest, May Show and Festival of Flavors, the Dalkeith Winter Carnival, Hudson St. Patrick's Day Parade, Carleton University events and numerous other fairs and festivals. As enjoyment is the top priority the band also plays many fundraising events, including the Eastern Ontario Make a Wish Foundation events.

  Initially a pure Classic Rock band, over the years 50 PROOF has expanded its Acoustic repertoire as well as continuing to add new songs to the electric set list in order to be able to make each show a unique experience. The Acoustic side allows the band to fit into smaller clubs and spaces and has proven extremely popular with followers of the band.

  If you would like to catch 50 PROOF in person there are numerous opportunities in 2018. We will be playing regularly at both the Windsor Tavern and Blueberry Hill Bistro in Vankleek Hill. Please contact either venue or check our schedule page for more information. We will also be playing numerous local events in the area, all of which will be posted on our band schedule page.

50 PROOF performs for the thousands of people lining the streets at the 2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Hudson, Quebec, March 19, 2016.